Face Mapping® skin analysis

Every skin has a story. Tell it with Face Mapping®. All our treatment starts with a detailed skin analysis using face map® to better customise our treatment to suit your skin.


All facial treatments include a 10-minute foot, hand or shoulder massage while the masque is on.


dermalogica skin treatments

where you face is touched by the best hands in the business


dermalogica express face treatment (30 min) 

this facial is for those on the go with skin congestion and breakouts.


the face treatment with Touch Therapy (60 min)

a flexible skin treatment for all skin types with extra attention where you need it most!


the face treatment with high frequency (75 min)

see below for high frequency treatment


dermalogica specialised skin treatments

each skin is different. Our trained therapist will choose the best treatment to suit your skin needs. Our specialised facials include:


ultracalming skin treatment (60 min)

for sensitive skin and redness relief


AGE smart skin treatment (60 min)

leaves your skin firmer, smoother and younger looking.


mediBac clearing skin treatment (60 min)

for adult acne prone skin


chromawhite TRx skin treatment (60 min)

skin brightening system for uneven skin tone


add ons

  • dermalogica eye contour masque to any dermalogica treatment 

  • high frequency or galvanic (15 min)


Dermalogica's serums and unique formulas can be combined with Galvanic and High Frequency during treatments. These electrical applications promote a better penetration of products yielding more advanced results.

Please note: Electrical Applications are not suitable for guests who suffer from epilepsy or metal implants.