Morgan Taylor

Nail polish made for professionals by professionals.



Gelish was the first ever gel polish fusion invented. The idea behind gelish gel polish is simple yet scientifically complex...Brushed on nail lacquer that goes on like polish, yet stays on like gel... and it lasts for 21 days. There is no odour, no damage to natural nails, no chipping. Voted #1, performs like gel, applies like polish™.


Services offered:

  • Manicure

  • Ourania Deluxe manicure/pedicure 

  • Ourania Deluxe manicure/pedicure with french tip/MT colour 

  • Gelish with basic manicure

  • Gelish with pedicure

  • Gelish without manicure

  • Gelish without manicure with structure gel

  • Gelish without manicure with Vitagel

  • Morgan Taylor lacquer professional

  • Acrylic





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